Steve Jackson Games was founded in 1980 by (no surprise here) Steve Jackson. We now publish books, games, and magazines for game fans.

Our best-known games include Munchkin, the irreverent game of dungeon crawling; Zombie Dice, the fast-paced game of brain-eating; GURPS, the "Generic Universal RolePlaying System";  OGRE, the classic simulation of future war; Car Wars,  about battle on the highways; INWO, the trading card game of world domination; and the original  Illuminati game on which INWO was based. We've released a lot of other games, too . . . too many to list right here.

We published Pyramid magazine – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – which supports GURPS in all genres.

For more general information about SJ Games, see our FAQ file and the index of assorted news stories about us. A staff list is also online. And if you're  interested in writing a Warehouse 23 digital release – we'd like to hear from you!

We have listings of new and upcoming products, and a collection of recent press releases and other information.